About Us

Aveolar International Limited, a wholly privately owned Nigerian firm was incorporated in 2009. Having chosen Aveolar Energy as the umbrella brand name, we have sub-division in Aveolar Oil, and prospect in Aveolar Gas and Aveolar Power. At Aveolar Oil, we are engaged in the integrated downstream petroleum sector (Supply of AGO, PMS and DPK, Fuel Station Business Support, Haulage, Brokerage Services), prospect in Additives, Marine Haulage and Rig Servicing; with a focus to provide and deliver seamless services to our customers.

Our catalogue of experience and in-depth understanding of what business dynamics portray exposed us to some of the challenges customers face in the industry. These range from refined petroleum product adulteration and its impact, inadequate product quantity delivery, unprofessional handling of transaction by suppliers, theft, etc. These acts already stereotyped a negative image on business and service providers in the industry.

At Aveolar, we structured our business in a way that mine solutions and offer invaluable insights to the concerns of our esteemed customers, thereby creating a positive image of ourselves built on uncompromised values of “ETHICS” (Empathy, Trust, Honesty, Insights, Confidence, and Simplicity).

We are convinced that planting Aveolar’s business in the fertile soil of these values will make us thrive and positively differentiate from others. Our drive is focused on providing selfless services to our customers because we see business not just as a profit making venture. In view of this, we have developed several Unique Benefits which customers derive while doing business with us. This is not unconnected with our intrinsic desire to channel our resources and performance towards protecting customers’ interest. It also serves as a foundational purpose why we chose Aveolar as a name.

Our Vision
To become the leading customers’ choice in the downstream petroleum industry in Lagos and Nigeria.
Our Mission
To offer invaluable insights and supply premium refined petroleum products to our customers.
Our Core Values
We are guided by uncompromised values of “ETHICS”
  • Empathy
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Insights
  • Confidence
  • Simplicity