Automotive Gas Oil AGO

Supply of AGO (Diesel)

Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) popularly known as diesel are produced from crude oil through refining process. It has several parameters with which its quality is determined through laboratory test. These include density, flash point, volatility, colour, cetane number, viscosity, etc.



We purchase in bulk from different depot across Nigeria. In order to ensure that we supply premium quality diesel at all time, we always ensure that we carry out the necessary test on diesel before we purchase and supply to our esteemed customers. Therefore, the quality specifications of the diesel available at different depots determine where we buy from.


Who and how we Supply?

Our customers cut across all consumers of diesel within and outside Lagos, Nigeria. This is supplied through trucking to customers destination with accurate dispense of the quantity requested.


Supply Quantity

We supply both in large and small quantities but not in metric tons.

Please contact us on +2348127391821, +2348095896841, +2348030453937, +2348033455934 or email for your next supply. Click here to order your supply.