Dual Purpose Kerosene DPK

Supply of DPK (Kerosene)

DPK implies Dual Purpose Kerosene but generally known as kerosene in Nigeria is one of the fractional distillates of crude is derived through refining process. Technically, it refers to two different products ie HHK (House Hold Kerosene) popularly known as kerosene is used for cooking and other industrial use. For the purpose of this website and proper comprehension of most Nigerian, we will refer to this as Kerosene because of its general connotation.

ATK (Aviation Turbine Kerosene) otherwise known as Jet A1 is used in the aviation industry. We are yet to commence operation in this line.



We purchase from different depots both in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria subject to availability, quality and price.


Who and how we Supply

Our customers cut across all resellers of kerosene within and outside Lagos, Nigeria. This is supplied through trucking to customers destination with accurate dispense of the quantity requested.


Supply Quantity

We supply both in large and small quantities but not in metric tons

Please contact us on +2348127391821, +2348095896841, +2348030453937, +2348033455934 or email info@aveolar.com for your next supply. Click here to order your supply.